The Colour Range

Our Colour Range is developed in a limited edition run of seasonal custom hues blending combinations of 100% natural, locally sourced, recycled and sustainable materials. Hand crafted using traditional paper making methods featuring a decal edge finish, available in four sizes: A5, A4, A3 & A2 and four gsm/weight options.


Denim: 100% cotton recycled denim blended with sustainably sourced hemp fiber.

Workwear Green: 100% cotton recycled workwear blended with sustainably sourced hemp fiber.

Ebony, Mint, Rose, Black Thread: 100% cotton recycled textile waste and sustainably sourced hemp fiber.

Cordyline (cream): Combining locally harvested Cordyline plant pulp and sustainably sourced hemp fiber.

Hemp (natural): 100% sustainably sourced hemp fiber.

*all paper is sold in 10 sheet packs

This product is made to order

Our dedication to the environment means that not only is this paper made from 100% recycled textiles but we reduce waste by making our products to order, as such this product may take a few weeks to reach you.

Before you order, please consider the following:
Creative Paper is developed using a traditional handmade process and while variation is a natural component of this process, it is not a compromise on quality. Therefore, we practice Quality Control of our paper to ensure we have met our own strict standards. An acceptable tolerance between sheets and orders is expected as follows; specified paper weight (gsm) has a +10% and –10% tolerance and paper texture may subtly fluctuate between sheets.

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Get in touch with us if you're professional artist or student who would like to order more than 100 sheets of a single size of our paper for a special pricing offer, if you wish to develop a custom paper for your project, or if you’re an Australian retailer interested in selling the Creative Paper line items or developing a custom range with us for your store.

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